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Under The Lid

If you’ve been out about during quarantine go ahead and check yourself. Stay home, sit down on the couch, and turn on Netflix because if you haven’t already watched all seven episodes of Tiger King you’re way behind. 

  • 1 min read

Call the number and see what happens. If you have an old cooler that needs your help and is hopeless, please call our SHITI Coolers hotline number (734- 506-6392) or shop our Brand Plate, Stickers, Hats, and other bullshit to support this movement. 

  • 1 min read
Introducing: The Koolaroo! Watch as the SHITI Coolers guys dive balls deep Under The Lid with this legendary cooler that your Grandfather used to pick up your Gam Gam! This isn't just any cooler.... Its The KOOLAROO!
  • 1 min read

"It gets Hotter than a Hoochie Coochie" are the words grandpa said every time grandma wouldn't let him turn the AC on in the trailer back in 1993. Skiing in blue jeans is not practical, but it sure makes for a hell of a music video for Alan Jackson's 1993 hit "Chattahoochee". Although there are no behind the scene footage (send it in if you find it) of this music video on the internet, Alan probably had a hell of a fucking time floating around in wet jeans. Not to mention keeping the cowboy hat stuck on is head while the boat was moving 35-40 mph.  

If you wish to ski in jeans.. send us a video! 




  • 1 min read
Since we couldn't afford the REAL Toby Keith...we got an impersonator. We decided to pull a prank on the infield into tricking people into thinking they actually meet Toby Keith. These were their reactions.
  • 1 min read