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A Message From The SHITI Foundation

  • 1 min read

Did you know that most coolers do not have a home due to no fault of their own? It is a common myth to think that all coolers in garage sales and antique shops are damaged in some way. But, all that bullshit is wrong. The coolers work just fine. It's all in your head. Theres no point in buying a $400 cooler when the one you found in the trash works just fine. 

As you can see, saving coolers from going into the trash is truly a continuous cycle of basically saving lives....

Call the number and see what happens. If you have an old cooler that needs your help and is hopeless, please call our SHITI Coolers hotline number (734- 506-6392) or shop our Brand Plate, Stickers, Hats, and other bullshit to support this movement.

Please call: 734-506-6392 


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