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Liquor Basket Backpack Cooler

Liquor Basket Backpack Cooler

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Customize Your Backpack
16 Can Capacity with Ice
Hardtop Structure
Collapsible Structure
Metal Bottle Opener Attachment
Leakproof Liner
Water-Resistant Front Pouch
Velcro Patches Sold Separately
Free Velcro Beer Warmer

Put the party on your back!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are velcro strips placed on the straps and sides of our Liquor Basket Backpack Cooler to allow for customization with patches and more!
About 16 beers fit in the Liquor Basket Backpack Cooler with a good amount of Ice!
Our return/exchange policy for the Liquor Basket Backpack Coolers covers returns up to 30-days. When going through our return/exchange process, it is required that you accurately identify your reason for returning the item (defective, no longer needed, etc.).
The co-founder, Trevor, grabbed an old, beat-to-shit cooler that was in the family for years and taped a napkin with the word “SHITI” to the face of the cooler. After some laughs from a video posted to Snapchat, the idea became clearer – What if you could sell a sticker that said the word “SHITI” on it to rebrand the old ass cooler you already own?
All made-to-order items (apparel and stickers) are shipped from Gaylord, MI. All other items are shipped from Chicago, IL. Depending on what items your SHITI Coolers order contains, you may receive multiple shipments.
Yes, but It will cost more for shipping. We encourage people from all parts of the world to get SHITI!

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