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Our Story

As the popularity of overpriced cooler brands increased, we realized the meaning of a cooler meant much more than how long it held ice. As below average outdoorsman ourselves, all we wanted was to pack a cooler full of piss warm beer and cast the pole after a long work day. We realized the old rusted cooler we took on countless family trips was doing the job just fine.

In 2016, we founded SHITI® Coolers with a basic mission: To keep using that same damn cooler with the rusted lid and squeaky hinges in hope there were more people out there just like us. A simple SHITI sticker was enough to represent the lifestyle in which we’ve been living for years. We don’t care if your cooler can withstand a grizzly bear or hold ice for 3 weeks. We care about coolers that have been passed down through generations with a story behind them.  

We appreciate you showing interest in SHITI Coolers. Please follow/subscribe to our Youtube, Instagram and Facebook accounts. If you decide to Get SHITI, please send us pictures of you representing the brand for a chance to be featured on our page.

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